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Snowy Access was founded by Claire Rogerson in 2018 after realising that many visitors arrived to the Jindabyne area for their snow experience but needed support to reach their accommodation in the snowfields.  Some visitors lacked the right vehicle or experience and confidence to drive to the snowfields in what are at times very difficult driving conditions.  Claire a local to the area and with years of experience driving in the full range of conditions that the Snowy Mountains region brings was pleased to help out visitors to ensure they had a great experience

Over the three years Claire had initially provided a transfer service assisting visitors getting to the snowfields from their accommodation in the Jindabyne area and then expanded to guests with luggage and ski equipment to the range of lodges in the region.  In Claire's third year the service expanded to supporting mountain bikers and hikers with their transfer needs and providing customised tours of the Snowy Mountains region including supporting photographers find their perfect shot.  

Claire has chosen to focus on providing a ‘Brumby Experience’ for people visiting the Snowy Mountains and looking for a unique experience with brumbies.  She has passed on the business to Nicole Biki but will continue to support Snowy Access at times of high demand and she looks forward to seeing many of the customers again.  Nicole with Claire's support is looking forward to continuing the great and friendly service that Snowy Access customers have come to expect.

Licenses and Accreditation
  • Trading Entity: Rebalass Pty Ltd ATF Rebalass Family Trust T/A Snowy Access

  • ABN: 15 806 368 803

  • NSW Point to Point Accreditation Number: BSP-417267

  • 4WD TLIC2025 Accreditation

  • Vehicle Insurance including public liability and loss of property in physical or legal control

Your Drivers
Snowy Access Colour 01.png
Nicole Biki

Managing Director and your primary contact and driver.  Looking forward to making your transfer or tour a great experience.

Snowy Access Colour 01.png
Claire Rogerson

Founder of Snowy Access and looking forward to helping previous customers again in 2021 and assisting many more new ones.

Snowy Access Colour 01.png
Zelko Biki

Support driver.  Driving you to your destination safely and on time while engaging in great conversations.

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